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Plainfield Agway


We have all the tools, gear and expertise necessary to help you make the most of every part of your outdoor living space, from open green spaces to hedges, flowerbeds and containers. Let us help you find just what you need!

Whether you keep just a few birds or have a larger, mixed flock, heirloom breeds or special needs birds, we can help you with all the best supplies to keep your birds happy.

We are here to help you find everything you need to give your pets the very best care.

Want to see a bluebird feeding its nestlings? A robin taking a bath? A hummingbird sipping from a beautiful flower? We can help you do all that and more with the right supplies and wild bird food.

Having the right tools for the right job is essential to make all your outdoor work easier, but which tools are right for you?

With the right trip through the garden center, you can get everything you and your garden need!